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Navigating You through the Insurance Claim Process

If you are a homeowner or business owner in Colorado, then you know that hail hits this state far too frequently. Ideally, your insurance company is there to protect your most valuable assets. All too often, insurance companies do not live up to your expectations given the premiums you pay on your policy. The attorneys at MoGo LLC are here to guide you through these turbulent times and to hold your insurance company accountable when they're not living up to their end of the bargain. 

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Dealing with insurance can be infuriating. We've seen it all from them: delaying payment because of redundant proofs of loss, sitting on their hands to avoid affirming or denying coverage, hiring biased "experts" to search for any reason deny your claim. Whether you are a frustrated contractor or a property owner at your wits' end, there is no reason to delay calling MoGo LLC. 

insurance claim, property, public adjuster, duty of good faith, insurance law, bad faith, hail

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We know that your insurance claim is important to you and that hiring an attorney is no small decision. The attorneys at MoGo LLC are experienced professionals that will provide you with professional, start-to-finish representation through the insurance claim process. We work on a contingency basis, meaning we don't take a dime unless and until you get paid. 

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Employment Contract and Policy Review

Employment contracts and policies may be formed based merely on past practices and do not necessarily require a signed agreement to be enforceable. Colorado law additionally has many state-specific requirements for payment of overtime and vacation time as wages. Employers, do you have your proverbial ducks in a row? Contact MoGo LLC for a full review of your employment documents to avoid these pressing risks.

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Employment Litigation

Unlike most employment attorneys, MoGo LLC has litigated both for plaintiff employees and for defendant employers. This experience gives us unique insight in evaluating your case, allowing us to cut to the chase and get your matter resolved as fast as possible, for the best outcome possible. We are results-driven attorneys that will listen to you and treat your case with the care and respect it deserves. 

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The One-Stop-Shop for Roofing Companies

When is the last time you have updated your construction contracts? Call us for a free review of your residential and commercial roofing and reconstruction contracts to ensure compliance with Colorado law.

Are you confused as to whether you have appropriately classified your team as independent contractors vs. employees?  Are you worried about an audit by the Colorado Department of Labor & Employment? Ask us for a free review of your independent contractor agreements. 

About Us

Katie Goodrich


Katie Goodrich is a staunch advocate that you will want to have on your side. She brings a conscientious approach to determining the best strategies for your case. Katie has experienced numerous successes in Federal and Colorado State court. More recently, Katie successfully argued a defamation case - the Colorado Court of Appeals reversed and remanded a Denver District Court decision dismissing a defamation lawsuit based on Katie's briefing. Katie also recently succeeded in moving for summary judgment against an insurance company's insurance fraud and civil conspiracy claims.

Katie grew up in Ontario, Canada, and loves to spend time outside the office adventuring in the Colorado outdoors on skis, running shoes, and in her Jeep. 

Rodney Monheit


Rodney has successfully litigated over 100 property insurance bad faith cases. He holds insurance companies to task - both in oral and written argument. Rodney enjoys working with restoration contractors to help them protect themselves by using tools such as assignments of benefits. If you have a question about the laws governing insurance companies and insurance professionals, this is the person to ask.

Rodney is licensed in Colorado and Washington State. In his free time, Rodney kicks back and plays flamenco guitar for his cat.

Appellate Argument

MoGo LLC Partner Rodney Monheit arguing at the Colorado Court of Appeals on behalf of a roofing contractor's claim to overhead and profit. 

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