A Win For Homeowners!

Friday, 29 March 2024 08:55

The Colorado Supreme Court recently decided a case in favor of homeowners across the state. The case limits insurance companies’ ability to deny untimely filed claims. This will have a positive sweeping impact on Colorado homeowners with property insurance. MoGo attorneys zealously advocated this win for homeowners, and now insurance companies cannot deny coverage just because a claim was not filed on time based on the deadline in the policy.

Prior to the Colorado Supreme Court’s opinion, some insurance companies would strictly deny claims based on untimeliness, even if the homeowners were unaware they had a claim. For example, Colorado is no stranger to hail storms, and prior to this case, if there was a hail storm that damaged a person’s roof and the homeowner was unaware that they needed to file a claim within the notice period (typically a year), then the insurance company could deny coverage. Hail storms hit Colorado frequently, but very few Coloradoans regularly get out their ladder and examine their roofs following each storm. As a result many were denied coverage because they were unaware an insurance claim was necessary by a given date.

Thanks to the attorneys at MoGo, insurance companies will no longer get away with broad sweeping coverage denials for late notice. Now, insurance companies have to prove they were prejudiced by the late notice in order to deny coverage.