Handle Claims & Disputes with our Civil Law Attorneys in Colorado

Has your property recently incurred fire damage? Is your insurance company dragging their heels on your payment? Do you have a civil dispute with your employer or an employee? If so, MoGo LLC can help. Our experienced civil law attorneys in Colorado can provide skillful and caring legal representation to support your argument and help you successfully navigate your insurance claim or civil dispute. Whether you’re looking for a water damage lawyer in Colorado or need a legal review of your employment documents, MoGo can offer the help you need.

Our civil law attorneys in Colorado are well-versed across a wide array of civil lawsuits and legal subject matters. Here are our core legal practice areas at MoGo LLC, however, if you have a civil law issue and need legal advice or guidance, feel free to contact us.

Check out the practice areas of our civil law attorneys in Colorado.

Homeowners and Commercial Insurance

Any number of insurance-related issues can interfere with your ability to receive coverage on your property or a payment following a loss. Is your building underinsured? Are you currently in a “late notice” situation with your insurer? At MoGo LLC, we can help you make sense of the frustrating complexities of property insurance policies and guide you through your insurance issues. Contact our skilled civil law attorneys in Colorado today for a free consultation regarding any kind of insurance issue or dispute.

Insurance Bad Faith

In far too many situations, property insurance companies do not pay claims in a timely fashion and may reject covered claims for catastrophic losses, such as substantial fire damage or water damage events. With the right legal representation, you can fight back against your insurer and get the appropriate payment for your recent loss. At MoGo LLC, we’ve represented hundreds of homeowners, business owners, HOAs, and contractors in litigation against their insurance companies. Make the right move for your case with our insurance bad faith attorneys at MoGo LLC.

Civil Litigation

Civil litigation encompasses a broad area of practice, from negligence or malpractice cases to property disputes, defamation cases, divorces, and more. Our civil law attorneys in Colorado have extensive experience practicing civil cases across federal, state, and local jurisdictions. We can help you at every step of your civil dispute and we will work hard to bring your perspective to life in the courtroom.

Employment Law

We have experience representing both employers and employees as plaintiffs and defenders alike. From employment contract disputes to full-blown trials, our legal team at MoGo LLC can provide the individualized attention that your case deserves, no matter what kind of employment dispute you have. We can provide comprehensive legal reviews of your employment documents and policies, and we can leverage our legal expertise for your employment dispute for the quickest and best possible outcome.